About Us

Who Are We?

HOMECLASS6 is a company created up by a couple of friends who have a passion for the natural organic products that can put an impact on saving our planet. We have been working together for a long time in order to bring a wide range of eco-friendly products to the market that delivers a number of key benefits.

First of all, HOMECLASS6's products are designed to give measurable results in terms of saving the use of single-use plastics. As a result, those who use the products can feel great knowing they are not harming the environment. After all, when we look good on the outside, we also feel better on the inside.

Secondly, we wanted to make sure that our products do not cause any damage to nature. Not just that, we actually want to improve the world around us by using the awesome power of our products.

Our Work

Outstanding Customer Support

Adele - director

Not only does she oversee the operations here at HOMECLASS6, making sure products get designed, manufactured and delivered on time; she also ensures our company & workforce is very customer focused.

Melanie - desinger

Meet our amazing designer. She hails from the U.K and likes to express this in her designs. All of the products that you see in our store have been carefully and passionately thought-out and designed by her.

Mark - founder

Meet Mark, not only is he a cheeky chap he loves to work and he is the one who overseas the product sourcing. Also, If you require assistance, you can reach out to him via a contact form below. 

If we don't act now, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

Scientists estimate that more than 8 million metric tons of plastic are entering our ocean every year. If we don't act now, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. From tiny plankton to enormous whales, countless animals across marine ecosystems are affected by plastic pollution. It's found in 59% of seabirds like albatross and pelicans, 100% of sea turtle species, and over a quarter of fish sampled from seafood markets around the world.

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