Below Are a Few Tips for Keeping Care of Your Basket

As your basket is shipped folded for easier transportation, kindly unfold yourbasket upon arrival. When unfolding your basket you will notice the basketwill have some slight indentations in it. Please don’t worry, the creases arecreated only from when the basket was in transit and they will disappearover time with a few simple tips below.

  • Put blankets or pillows inside the basket untilit’s full and leave the blankets or pillows inside for 3 to 5 days. Nurse with your hands daily.

  • Place a moist cloth on top of your basket anduse a hot iron to steam out any creases. Thismethod is most effective!

  • Use a hand iron steamer and keep your basketup-right. Then, stretch out any creases by hand. Thiswill help to loosen the creases.



We have found multiple ways to use the HOMECLASS6 cotton rope basket. From the pictures below you can see the baskets are great for laundry, looking pretty in your room storing pillows; fill your basket with your kid's toys or simply carry it around your home with anything you want in it.

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